Ca-P 3D Printing

Cerhum uses Calcium-Phosphate (Ca-P) ceramics that target bone regeneration because they are similar to the mineral part of the bone. They are also called synthetic bones. The ratio Ca / P then give materials used in the medical such as Hydroxyapatite (HAP), Tricalcium phosphate (TCP), or a biphasic mixture of both (BCP). It has chosen to investigate HAP first because this material is widespread on the European market (machined or molded). BCP and TCP are also used in the European market, but mainly in the US and Asian markets.

Cerhum has made development to increase the biological properties of its material. Its Ca/P material mimics bone surface by integrating specific roughness and micro-porosities. These parameters help bone cells of the patient to integrate faster the graft.

ca p
On left, electronic microscopy picture of Ca/P material developed by Cerhum showing micro-porosities (yellow arrow) management. On right, the effect on cell proliferation (black arrow) and orientation on this surface.

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