CMF Reconstruction

Following discussions with various surgeons, Cerhum realized an opportunity to enhance its expertise in the medical field by offering its own product in Facial Reconstruction.

The gold standard in facial reconstruction is self-grafting: taking bone from the patient (e.g. fibula). The surgeon crafts and places it within the patient. A lot of issues occur with this solution: pain at donor site, long rehabilitation, too fast resorption, cosmetic and success depend on surgeon’s expertise. An alternative is to use synthetic material. The drawback is that metal and plastic can be source of inflammation, toxicity, and rejection. To overcome that, bone similar ceramics are used. But they are fragile and uncontrolled porosity will limit bone reconstruction. Bioceramic (incl. Calcium Phosphate) implants also exist but have limitations in bone integration because they don’t have controlled connected pores (foam). Moreover, it has poor mechanical properties limiting their usage.

CERHUM plans to use its expertise in 3D printing of bone similar implants to develop patient specific (custom made) implants for facial surgery, namely craniomaxillofacial (CMF) and aesthetic surgery. A first patient specific implant product is currently under development and called "My Bone". This gave the filing of two patents.

3D printing of bone similar ceramics allows for bone reconstruction with bone similar material, patient specific shape, innovative properties.
In addition to that, CERHUM has integrated new innovative functions that will give suitable biological and mechanical properties:

  • Biologic: bone integration and excellent biocompatibility
  • Mechanic: suitable compression and flexural strength 

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