Tooth issues are not a secret and affect more and more people. Even if most of us are afraid by the driller sound of our dentist, dental bone and tooth repairing are daily a big deal. Cerhum is working in different topics of dentistry.

Bone healing with such partners like Wishbone

jawIn dentistry, the simple extraction of a tooth leads to a significant resorption of alveolar bone on which the tooth has been implanted; consequently, bone reconstruction is required before the implant is inserted. The use of biomaterials for the regeneration or preservation of bone is a reliable treatment option, while a bone graft is riskier. But the biomaterials available on the market present certain significant drawbacks: limited capacity to self-support, extended healing/consolidation time and limited performance. Started at the end of 2016, Cerhum has entered in collaboration with partners to bring to the market a new generation of "smart" biomaterials that will significantly fix the drawbacks thanks to micro and macro biomimetic designs and new production techniques: additive manufacturing, synthetic bioceramics with superior properties, digitally optimized properties and controlled porosity.

Screw, implants, crown and bridges printing

When a tooth is missing, conventional technique is to place Implant (kind of screw) setting new anchorage for further artificial tooth. This tooth can be a crown or a bridge. All these parts can be made of high performant ceramic like zirconia (zirconium oxide), alumina (aluminum oxide) and derivative. And of course, we can 3D print them. Moreover, Cerhum has recently developed a new material allowing high mechanical strength complying with dental standards.


Braces and brackets printing

bracesIt can be for disease or esthetic, aligning teeth knows several methods to do so. Some solutions are discrete but is time consuming. Some other are not pleasant but make the job fast. By using 3D printing of ceramics, some partners succeed by having discrete device with fast healing. Ceramic are known for their esthetic and high bearing resistance. One of the advantage of 3D printing is mass customization and fast processing. Brilliant products benefit of both advantages of using 3D printing and advanced ceramics.


Bioptos is a 3D printed ceramic bone graft substitute with optimized nano, micro and macro geometry. In collaboration with Cerhum, Sirris, BioMech, d-Bru this bone graft substitue will be a custom made design with self supporting synthetic biomaterial using stereolithography. This program benefited from a financial support of Wallonia in the frame of a BioWin program. This is an initiative of the plan Marshall 4.0, funded by Walloon Region – Plan Marshall (BioWin).

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