Spine and orthopedic

Back pain, joint defects, injuries, cancers are so many diseases needing bone repair. 3D printing and Bioceramics play a role in treating such diseases. Cerhum is dealing with big players and challengers in producing and developing innovative products using 3D printing of ceramics.

spine ortho
Cage fusion without plating 6 months postoperatively demonstrating solid union

Advantages of using 3D ceramics in spine and orthopedics are the following:

  • interconnected channels leading to bone integration
  • high loading resistance with smart design
  • perfect biocompatibility, with no-reject even in long term manner
  • source tracing as we are using highly pure synthetic materials
  • possibility of bio-resorption and bone self-growing.
  • possibility to combine with polymers and metals

Cerhum benefits of technology developed since 2007. Since then, some products were developed and set on the market by the customer with impressive results. Cerhum has also proven that 3D printing can be used as a production tool. For example, our technology has produced more than 10.000 parts / year for spine applications. And our team and partners want to increase this amount and productivity.

Our team continues to support its customer in developing and contract manufacturing new products for future medicine. We work with them in a non-disclosure manner and they appreciate our quality tools as we are certified ISO 13485-2016.