Our production company is specialized in advanced manufacturing process (3D printing, finishing,…) and other advanced processes.



prod picto thumbConfirmed expertise in ceramic 3D printing.

prod picto cycleThe team manages the whole production process from raw material up to the finished product.

prod picto handsCerhum supports companies to design, choose the best ceramic and then produces from prototype to series.


The expertise covers Medical and biotechnologies, but also electronics, aerospace, automotive, luxury...


In Practice




Your idea

As a Manufacturer or a Medical expert, you are always looking for competitive product portfolio. You want to improve your product performance. You are looking for new ideas with new rules. You are driven by Innovation. Try our Solution and be convinced.


we provide design, best properties and updated technologies to make your innovative idea come true. You have now your proof of concept


rapid prototyping will let you appreciate reality of your idea. The concept can be evaluated and also tested depending of well-defined standards. Your final prototype is ready for production


Materials: Alumina, Zirconia, technical ceramics under development