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Patient specific bone graft

The combination of a fully biocompatible bioceramic with a patient specific shape enhanced by controlled porosity makes MyBone a unique solution for bone repair. This is made possible through the 3D-printing technology developed by CERHUM.

100% safe hydroxyapatite synthetic bioceramic

MyBone is made of hydroxyapatite, a bioceramic known as the major component of the natural human bone. Moreover, hydroxyapatite is an advanced biomimetic material well-known for its oesteoconductive and osseointegration properties. CERHUM has validated MyBone bioceramic in terms of biocompatibility through in vitro and preclinical studies.

Interconnected & optimized porosity 5 times faster osseointegration

The combination of the osteoconductive and osteointegration properties of hydroxyapatite with interconnected pores promotes the colonization of the bone graft by blood vessels

Fast and easy process

We seek to make the life of patients better. We help surgeons improve accuracy, efficiency and patient benefits through virtual surgical planning and personalized bone grafts.

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