Our Uniqueness

What is unique with MyBone ?

The combination of a fully biocompatible bioceramic with a patient specific shape enhanced by controlled porosity makes MyBone a unique solution for bone repair. This is made possible through the 3D-printing technology developed by CERHUM.

Our research and our experience confirm that MyBone is far less invasive than autografts, less risky than allograft and with a better biocompatibility than most synthetic materials (metals and plastics).

MyBone is superior to other bone grafting alternatives because:

  • it helps the patient's rehabilitation and limits the pain [1] ;

    Kurz, L. T., Garfin, S. R., & Booth Jr, R. E. (1989). Harvesting autogenous iliac bone grafts. A review of complications and techniques. Spine, 14(12), 1324-1331

  • it promotes faster healing than standard procedures ;

  • it reduces the duration and number of surgeries, and then infection risks [2] ;

    Leong G, Wilson J, Charlett A. Duration of operation as a risk factor for surgical site infection: comparison of English and US data. J Hosp Infect. 2006 Jul;63(3):255-62

  • it offers excellent esthetic results thanks to its patient-specific shape ;

  • its material is 100% safe, biocompatible and clinically tested.

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