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Hydroxyapatite (HAP) and Tri-Calcium Phosphate (TCP) are naturally produced and shaped by our bone cells. However, these materials can be reproduced in vitro, in a mass production manner by chemical reactions. Even if basic materials are cheap, high purity and bioactive materials is still a Holy Grail. Next to Calcium and Phosphate, other bio ceramics can be used like Bio glass, Zirconia, Alumina, Silicon Nitride, mixes and others.

Our Technology & Material

CERHUM prints bone and technical ceramics for medical applications. Using innovative 3D printing technology and its own biocompatible materials, CERHUM provides parts and development as a subcontractor for big players mainly in orthopaedics.

Our solution for your Application

Cerhum is essentially a 3D Printing company with a focus on bone printing. The versatility of the technologies used by Cerhum allows for a great deal of applications. Among others, we are focusing on: Spine and Orthopedic, Dental, CMF Reconstruction, Joints and cartilage, Ca-P Printing, Prototyping, and much more…

CERHUM webinar
What a great moment and share with Jenny Chen from 3D HEALS LLC, the speakers and the attendees at the Webinar on 3D printing and bioprinting bone....
CERHUM is pleased to have accompanied the Toulouse University Hospital on such a surgical advance.  Want to learn more about this clinical case? ...
CERHUM is proud to be featured in the following media ! English:
Surgeons in Europe now have access to MyBone, a patient specific 3D printed bone,  to treat patients with severe facial deformations. This 3D print...
Come and meet us in Besançon on September 30th & October 1st during the 56th SFSCMFCO congress 👇🏼 🦴 We are #CERHUM 🦴...
🦴 Our solution #MyBone is very specific and patented. Our entire process is ISO certified. 👨🏻‍⚕️ This online platform is part of the surgeon’s jou...

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